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step aside Monday, this is a job for coffee

Monday’s March

One foot in front of the other
Stumble out to the coffee maker and
Then kinda fumble to the tune of that
Hissing coughing sort of sound

Swipe it up and then swig it down
Check the clock as it ticks around and
Glare at the hour that you wish you’d never
Have to see again

Then get dressed as you squawk and grumble
Fight with your tie and then you tumble
Out into the world with one foot still planted firmly
In the hole you’ve dug yourself

But fear not because we’re all beside you
entrenched in our own graves as we march behind you
brining up the rear of that long walk we could all
do without.


Monday. Couldn’t stop it if I wanted to, folks. Well, at least we’re all here together, sort of a mutual misery about having to start another work week. We’ll get through it, I promise, folks. Just gotta put one foot in front of the other and maybe spike your mug with a little something to make the day a bit easier to pass on by.

I wanna go ahead and add that I saw the above picture on a Facebook page which I follow. I highly suggest that you head over to We Drink Because We’re Poets and follow ‘um along if you want some good inspiration, or just the occasional laugh or two. I have to say they’ve often made my day with a post or two they’ve done round there so they are worth checking out.

Well, here’s to hoping that your day flies on by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.


Self Discovery

Self Discovery

Good, bad?
Find out where the heart
what waves it makes in
shallow waters and
how, a thousand leagues
it thrums.

You have to know your pulses,
your mummers,
before you can begin to understand
the white hot cacophony beats
that go on

Weekend Regrets and Reflections

Weekend Regrets and Reflections

Weekend Regrets and Reflections

It wasn’t like I could
help it.
Last night was a blur of
wishes and was-es
regrets and never-s
sighs and bellows
cries that life
hadn’t come home.

I waited all night,
all my life,
but I was left with
empty promises
unfulfilled dreams and
an unsatisfied
a fight that wasn’t worth
my time.


Well, another Monday, folks. Here we are again and here we go to another work week. Above I gave you a lil’ diddy that might just explain some of those regrets coming off a weekend high. Or a weekend hangover, for that matter. Either way, hope you enjoy and here’s to hoping you’re going to have a not so regretful Monday.

A Reminder

we suffer from a collective
our hearts are
we have to write
them out or they’ll
well up with
grief and muck
and it will just be
too much, too late
never enough
and we’ll do anything drastic to
bleed them

College Kids Watch Eclipse

College Kids Watch an Eclipse

We’re old, ancient as
our nature even though we
are young
we are just one fool
oogling at the

Misanthropic Monday

Misanthropic Monday

Misanthropic Monday

It’s just a-
Misanthropic Monday
that flagship of the
work week fleet of
order bellowing days,
a daze of an up and at ‘um
caffeine fueled haze squeezed
between forced philanthropy
espoused values that profess
an honest way is an honest wage
love your neighbor and everyone
else who gets paid and
a million other things that beat
grate and drain while you,
hand pressed to ears,
grit your teeth, bare it, march on
through the never ending maze of


Still feeling a little uninspired this week? Here’s a link to help you out:   Make Monday A Little Easier- Pintrest

Gone Hiking

No post this morning! Instead, I’ll toss the link to my pintrest to give you something fun to look at while I’m away getting lost in the woods!




That light.
That God. Damned. Light
Everyday, it sees me coming and,
right at the last minute,
turns red. Every time!
I swear.

And the the weather, the air
Chilling only the days
when I’m working,
or raining when it obviously
knows there’s something
I wanna do out there.

Then there’s my car,
that useless piece of junk,
gives me hell on when I don’t need it to,
and breaks down when my bonus
finally comes through.

And then there’s life, that bastard-
Always against me, like fate.
Unforgiving, unyielding,
and straight up unfair.


Monday again, Folks. I’m hoping that yours is working well for you. Got a little something else for you to browse if you’re needing a break, too.




Though we all must pay
the piper,
the man with a thousand
upon a thousand names,
we don’t have to dance to
his gilded tune
masters of fate all,
we can craft and fall
into our own

Byron Quote

Byron Quote

Byron Quote

Of all the horrid, hideous notes of woe,
Sadder than owl-songs or the midnight blast,
Is that portentous phrase, “I told you so,”
Utter’d by friends, those prophets of the past,
who, ‘stead of saying what you now should do,
Own they foresaw that you would fall at last…

-Byron: Don Juan. Canto xiv. St. 50


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