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The Augur

Always watching, seeking signs

of better things to come,

Like a crow, catching snowflakes

on his tongue.


*An Augur was a priest/priestess in ancient Rome who foretold the future by watching birds. For more information, click right here to head to wiki and check them out.

This was a little quip that came to me on the drive home, which meant I got to chant this out loud over and over again until I could make it to my computer, since I don’t trust my abhorrent memory. If I only had a dime for each and every time I’ve had to chat repetitively until I find a pen or keyboard, I’d…well, I’d still only have enough for some really good fast food. But it’d be, like, the top of the line garbage….like Jack-In-The-Box or something.


The Poster Child

I’m about as beautiful as a train wreck,

Chaotic, crazy, and a mess,

But I occur almost naturally, nearly

As an odd sort of reminder

That the world’s not always

What it’s cracked up to be.

I’m a caution,

A warning tune, set

The music so others can swoon

Over what they don’t ‘understand’

But strangely enough it, in the end,

Sounds a whole lot like home

To them.

A masterpiece of malevolence,

Ambivalent and precarious,

A poster child with no purpose, other

Than to remind you that,

Occasionally, people tend

to be worthless, and

that its a whole lot easier to

look without and be judgmental

than daring to take that nasty little

peek within.

So, really, in the end

I’m just another martyr then.

Pushed out on my pedestal,

risen above the line of normal, well

of normal society for others to see.

Seen as a bad prodigy

of broken homes and poverty,

Used as an excuse to keep in line,

restrict the mind from getting loose

and getting in to whatever hellish

vices I’ve let win and,  with that in mind,

let’s try this again.

I’m about as beautiful as a train wreck,

Chaotic, crazy, and a mess,

But I occur not so naturally,

manufactured rather intentionally

As an odd sort of reminder

That the world, like with everything and all it seems

isn’t ever going to be anything more,

than  someone’s really messed up scheme.


I pulled this guy out the scraps after abandoning ship on the poem I had today. Just wasn’t feeling it, so I  just moved on and logged it for a later day. This one does feel a bit too cumbersome in the end, but I think it works out alright.  You’ll probably be seeing another draft of this coming out eventually.

My Desktop Image

Old Pen and Paper

“If you write one story, it may be bad; if you write a hundred, you have the odds in your favor” – Edgar Rice Burroughs

So, I thought I’d share my little inspirational desktop image. Thanks to hisks for the image, which I decided to lay one of my favorite quotes over. So, for other writers, I hope you enjoy this as well, and feel free to post your own favorite writing quotes. I’m always on the look out for some inspiration.

In other news, I’m looking to add another poem later today, so stay tuned to my little blog for something new. This one should be a return to my little snarky nature rather than being so serious because, as you know, if there is one thing in life I detest being it is serious 🙂

Monday Motivation Quote

Woman with hands in air

“Man is so made that, whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish” – Jean De La Fontaine

Just a little Monday motivation for ya. Here’s to hoping you have an awesome week!

“Man is so made that, whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish” – Jean De La Fontaine

Special thanks to Mattox for the awesome picture!

The Peddler

Heart holding hands

The Peddler

I’m one of those folks,

Got a heart full of gold

and a head full of air.

The aforementioned organ,

Not on my sleeve worn,

But in my hands, outstretched,

As I chant “Here! Here!”

“Here is what I have to offer.

Look, what you see on the out is

exactly what I’ve got on the inside!”

“No double faces, no tricks, no lies,

And, for what its worth, it’s mine.

One-hundred percent unique, genuine,

downright one of a kind.”

“Sure, it’s used, a bit bruised,

but it still works just fine, and,

when you give it a little smile, boy,

you just outta see

how that





“And you wanna talk about happy?

Laugh and, at the drop of a dime-

You ever seen a heart dance, kid?

Well, ladies and gents, just you wait

till you get a load of mine.”


Sure, the peddler seems open, but can you really ever trust someone who’s really selling themselves like that? I don’t know. I wouldn’t trust this guy if I were you 😉

Tragedy May Have…

Broken statue

Sometimes life comes at you sideways.

“Tragedy may have shaped me,

but it will not define me.”

-R. DeArcos


We all know that life isn’t all unicorns and cupcakes (though wouldn’t it be awesome it if was?), and you could probably count on one hand the people you run into  who haven’t had anything terrible happen to them. Basically, what I am saying is that most of us have brushes and full on crashes with tragedy. It can come in the form of losing a love one, to financial ruin, all the way to an accident that leaves you with a disability. Whatever form it chooses to come in and no matter what the outcome, it has inevitably shaped your life in one way or the other. However, no matter how terrible the tragedy, we know that moving on is the most important part that comes out of an ordeal. No matter if it left you with a ding, a dent, or even missing something that you had before, you have the responsibility and ability to live your life despite all of these events.

Broken Lolly

Break my heart? That’s okay. Break my lolly? I’ll straight out cry.

 I say all of these because we all have those years. You know the ones I’m talking about, where your loved one leaves you, you loose your job, and your cat runs away- those kinds of years just happen. Once again, it’s something you can get through and should. Realizing that, in your life, moving along no matter what has happened is the only way to keep living to your fullest is perhaps the most important and responsible realization you could ever make.

And, yes, I said responsible. Allowing something to beat you into a deep, dark corner not only hinders your entire life, but it also does nothing for those who are around you. This can be anyone from your child to your dog (yes, pets get depressed too). It’s your responsibility to yourself, and to the ones you love, that you drag yourself back up and keep going on.

arm in cast

Move on, because happiness in the face of tragedy is epic defiance.

That’s the part I’m really talking about: the going on thing. As horrible as it is, you can see those people who  have experienced something terrible in their life, and they’ve never been able to move past it. It can be the job they lost twenty years back, the loved one that left them, or something looming from their past. Unable to continue on, their life has taken a side seat next to their sorrow. They have, in all senses, become defined by their tragedy. Don’t let that be you.

That quote up there is going out straight to you, person who has faced the terrible aka ‘the suck’. Yes, it has happened, but no you don’t have to let it grasp hold of your entire life. Push past, even if you have to fake it till you make it, and keep getting on.


To sum it up: no matter how you’re feeling today, just know you can make it through anything that comes your way.

Mended Heart

You can get through this.


In addition, for those of you who are just having one of those years, and you just want to hear someone who understands that happens sometimes, I introduce you to the Weepies and their song ‘ Not Your Year”. I know this song well because I too have had hard times, and it was just nice to hear someone who understood it.


Anywho, that’s my take on things. If you’ve got a favorite ‘get back up and at ‘um’ or ‘nothing’s gonna stop me’ quote or song, feel free to post a link in the comments!

– The Procrastitorian

Suicide Ain’t Such a Bad Scene

*An older scrap I found lingering in a file, I thought I’d toss it up here! Enjoy (And, yes, I meant to use the word ain’t. aka, it’s intentional)


Slice of heaven?

This cake tastes like shit.

We’ve got smog frosting,

Overpopulated filling,

And that’s not the half of it.

Nobody seems to want to swallow reality down.

Hell, the STD cupcakes get passed around

While our glass of life sits, untouched,

Half empty, or spilled over and out,

Onto the dance floor of insanity

Where the two left feet of politicians

Kick it around like last year’s bad gin.

Maybe they just can’t stomach it?

Whatever, I’ve had enough of this.

Slice of heaven?

You can have it.

I’m getting the hell out before

My hopes get too far in.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

cannot_be_unseenYou know, if I didn’t know you,

I wouldn’t detest you this much

But the fact stands as such

and there’s no going back.

What has been seen

cannot be unseen

Or so they say.


The flip side of the coin from yesterdays post,  I give you another short little poem. I really want to work more with this poem, so I have the nagging feeling this is just a first draft of something that could be a whole lot more fun.

The Best of Strangers

Good Morning!

Good Evening!

Good Night!

Coffee barista I see everyday

Smiling face through wind, sun, and rain,

The man on the bus

always two seats away

I think to myself,

What the hell are their names?

Good Morning!

Good Evening!

Good Night!

Steve-No, Shawn in accounting,

The blonde on the stairs,

Are their eyes brown, blue, green-

Oh, what the fuck,

Who really cares?

Good Morning!

Good Evening!

Good Night!

Three-hundred sixty-five,

Eight hours or twenty four seven

Two words? Good enough.

What do you want?

Five? Eleven?!

Good Morning!

Good Evening!

Good Night!

The world? A race,

My life? A track!

The time wasted writing this?

A tragedy! Too much, in fact,

Dear strangers, fellow humans all you get back:

“Good Morning.”

“Good Evening”

“Good Night!”

And that’s that!


A bit crude, but it’s one I’ve had in the hopper for a little while. There’s a lot more I want to do with it, but for now, there it is in its rawest form!

Just thought I’d bump this guy up for V-day. Enjoy!

A is for

Let me just begin by saying that I normally don’t buy candy or anything for Valentine’s day. However, not even I can escape a store without being bombarded by their well placed, gaudy holiday displays and, today, I am rather glad for that fact. As par, I was walking right past the rows of Valentine’s Day items, but my mind suddenly threw up a mental flag  that caused me to stop and turn right back around.

There, amid the sea of abrasive red and pink cellophane wrapped items, were two large rows of chocolate golden apples.  This was exactly what I had thought I saw, but had to do a double take because, in my mind, that was just too good to be true. For those of you who are familiar with Greek Mythology, you might recognize why I found the idea of offering a golden apple as a symbol of…

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