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If you’re one of those people who loves movies that break new boundaries in art, focus on new methods of shooting, and bring heart wrenching stories of love and absolute languish than the first part of this post isn’t for you. Probably not the second part, either, but if you happen to be that rare sort of person who also likes westerns, than mosey on down to the last part of this post. For the rest of you out there, mostly you action fans and aficionados of the late 80’s and early 90’s movies, stick with me because this whole shebang is for you.

This is an amen to the movie gurus who finally figured out that returning the action, actors, and stories of the truly awesome movies back to the lime light was a phenomenal idea. I’m talking (of course) about the ball that really began to roll after the Expendables hit an awesome amount of success.  Bringing back the classic kick-assery of the true action movie, it also featured Stallone and a cast of actors that have been far too sparse on the field for far too long. Heck, there’s even relatively new faces on the field that are doing an amazing job once applied to these awesome tales. Along with this revival, it brought back a story that has action, adventure, danger, and characters you really want to be. Really, realllly want to be.  I mean, I’m a 5’4” tall woman and I wish I had been born a 6’5” man so I can kick someone’s head through a wall each and every time I watch one of those movies.

Gun man

You know you want to be him.

Anywho, it’s those elements and and a few more that make them great. They lack the annoying love stories that always lead to scantily clad people fake makin’ it on the screen (which is, by the way, annoying to try and take my parents to a movie and have scenes like that pop up. 25 and I  just don’t feel right about sharing a moment like that with my mother or a bunch of random strangers for that matter).  They focus on the heroes and their plights that are truly important: the elements of their personalities that truly make them heroes. They fight the bad guy, save the innocents, and do it all while never sacrificing their personal morals or gaining new ones. That, my friends, is what the recent onslaught of movies is bringing back and I, for one, am happy to see them come. So bring on A Good Day To Die Hard, The Last Stand, and RED 2 (the first one which is one of my personal favorites).  I’m happy to welcome Arnold back into the limelight, cheer on Stallone, and grin along with Bruce Willis and that contagious smile of his.

Now, onto the second part of this post. With all these movies coming back, I am here to call out another into the streets, one that I feel we needs a good strong comeback:

The Western

Western Boots

Someone has to fill these boots.

That’s right, I think we are in dire need of a  Western. A really good one for a nice hurrah. Not a dirty, terrible tale of people who need to shove bars of soap down their throats, or of the questionable, flaky hero who finally stands up. We need the good old classic westerns that bring back that feeling of the old west (as romanticized as it may be). I want shoot outs in the streets, bar fights in the saloon, and gunfights at the OK Corral. I want those lone heroes that never seem to be alone with the motley crew of old friends that never leave their sides, and their horses that never give ‘um a reason to cuss them till they go down. Not a remake, not a side-story, but a new and honest to goodness Western.  While I’d love to see a new revival of the genre, I’ll settle for just one good western that makes me think “Man, if the Duke were alive today, he would have been in this one”.

A rant though this may be, I felt it was a good one. It’s been years upon years since I felt like going to the movie theater a few times a month, but recently I just can’t stay away. With movies like Judge Dredd and The Last Stand behind me, and the ones I previously named above on the way, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to pause much either. And, just between you and me, friends, that’s something I am rather glad to say.

3 responses

  1. So, you like westerns, I rarely find people who do. I grew up on westerns, I love them, read them, watch them, and write them (not published of course). I love a good western, but you’re right, we need some good, NEW westerns.

    I haven’t seen the newest Die Hard movie but I love the previous four. My favorite being Die Hard With A Vengeance.

    Good article.

    God Bless,

  2. OK, I haven’t even read the entire article but the title caught my eye and then, scanning, I saw “Red 2” and I’m in heaven!! We LOVE “Red”!!! I came across it by chance at the $4 (then $3) theater last year and we now own the DVD and have watched it a zillion times.

    I’m a big Bruce Willis fan and love the “Die Hard” movies, although the last one (my Valentine’s Day gift by request) was probably the least good one of them all, but I still enjoyed it. He’s a parent, a patriot and only kills bad guys, and remains funny while doing it. How can that be bad?

    OK, off to read the article…..

    Back again. I grew up on westerns and army movies but too often the ones today are not my cup of tea. I want my men to be manly, to do what’s right, to stand up to (and kick the butts of) the bad guys. I don’t want to see people tortured, close-ups of bullets tearing people to bits…well, you get the idea. And yes, I do NOT want to see pay-for-view sex in my movies. It was embarrassing with my parents, it’s embarrassing with my husband, and even more embarrassing with our girls. I wouldn’t want a camera in our bedroom and I don’t need to see inside anyone else’s. Implication is fine and then I can imagine if I like.

    Wow, this has turned into a rant on my comment part! Guess that struck a chord. 🙂 Can’t wait for “Red 2.” In the meantime, if you’d like something completely different, but the best series we’ve ever seen, look for “Foyle’s War” at your local library or wherever you rent DVD’s: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foyle%27s_War.



    1. LOL, wasn’t RED absolutely awesome? One of my favorite movies of all times now. And I feel you on the westerns. I just want a western. No gruff, no forced grit, just good ol’ Western style. Ty for reading and for the link, checking it out at this moment. I watched a movie back that (surprisingly) had Aston Kutcher in it and Usher, and it was a cute, not too serious Western that almost had the feel in it, but lacked just ‘oomph’ of a good one. Still, it is worth a watch if you look it up! Annnd, I just looked it up for you- Texas Rangers.

      Like I said, it’s worth a look if you haven’t seen it, and it is more cute than anything, but not as bad as most ones that are made now adays!

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