Suicide Ain’t Such a Bad Scene

*An older scrap I found lingering in a file, I thought I’d toss it up here! Enjoy (And, yes, I meant to use the word ain’t. aka, it’s intentional)


Slice of heaven?

This cake tastes like shit.

We’ve got smog frosting,

Overpopulated filling,

And that’s not the half of it.

Nobody seems to want to swallow reality down.

Hell, the STD cupcakes get passed around

While our glass of life sits, untouched,

Half empty, or spilled over and out,

Onto the dance floor of insanity

Where the two left feet of politicians

Kick it around like last year’s bad gin.

Maybe they just can’t stomach it?

Whatever, I’ve had enough of this.

Slice of heaven?

You can have it.

I’m getting the hell out before

My hopes get too far in.

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