The Peddler

Heart holding hands

The Peddler

I’m one of those folks,

Got a heart full of gold

and a head full of air.

The aforementioned organ,

Not on my sleeve worn,

But in my hands, outstretched,

As I chant “Here! Here!”

“Here is what I have to offer.

Look, what you see on the out is

exactly what I’ve got on the inside!”

“No double faces, no tricks, no lies,

And, for what its worth, it’s mine.

One-hundred percent unique, genuine,

downright one of a kind.”

“Sure, it’s used, a bit bruised,

but it still works just fine, and,

when you give it a little smile, boy,

you just outta see

how that





“And you wanna talk about happy?

Laugh and, at the drop of a dime-

You ever seen a heart dance, kid?

Well, ladies and gents, just you wait

till you get a load of mine.”


Sure, the peddler seems open, but can you really ever trust someone who’s really selling themselves like that? I don’t know. I wouldn’t trust this guy if I were you 😉

3 responses

  1. ooooooo – i like this one

    1. Thanks! 🙂 This was one of those that just formed in my head rather suddenly. I think I might tweak it a little eventually, but I wanted to get it on the blog asap.

      1. tweaking is fun – i like to take out old poems and have fun with them – things come to me that weren’t there before and i feel like “why didn’t i think of that before-? it’s so simple”

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