It Runs In the Family

old family

It Runs In The Family

Loud women,
Nine a.m. drinking sprees,
Fat round faces,
Vindictive weak hearts
And Crohn’s disease.

Political incorrectness,
God complexes,
Verbal abusiveness and,
When we strike,
A tendency to aim for the
Soul’s solar plexus.

Nervous tics,
Double chins,
dandruff and,
Annoying little perks
Like always having to win.

Death bed regrets,
Bigotry, astigmatism
And an aversion
To right-wing politics.

Practice wives,
Superstitious beliefs,
And a practiced perfected,
Normal guise.


You’re family: you love them, you hate them, but they’ve given you a lot that you’ve taken away from them. Both good and bad, it’s normally more than that annoying shaped nose or those bad eyes you’ve inherited!  This guy is another work in progress. I’m working it out a bit more to get it away from such a strict rhyme scheme, but the idea and structure were something that I enjoyed far too much not to share.

3 responses

  1. what a great concept for a poem – it held me spellbound wondering what more will be revealed about this family that also described my family

    1. I’m really glad you enjoyed it! The idea was interesting to mess with, since you get so many things from your family that you don’t always realize. I’m planning on working with this sort of theme in another poem as well.

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