Victis Honor


Today I stood, watching
Storm cloud angels blow
Hurricane kisses
to the sea.

Alone with them,
The world and me,
Gazed eye to eye,

I at the world,
And the world at me.


* Victis Honor means Honor to the vanquished in Latin. I believe there is not more a befitting phrase to be spoken between two worthy adversaries before battle. The kind that respect what is about to happen between them exists even for the one who will inevitably fall.

You know how, when some people are scared, they start yelling and acting all angry? This would be my equivalent when I’m feeling trepidatious about the world around me. So, my friends, here’s something that may not be funny, but I hope you enjoy anyways. Overall, I hope it at least finds someone out there who needs to see this, just like I needed to write it.

2 responses

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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