Exes and Ohs

doll head with screws

Exes and Ohs

Well color me Klonopin,
look who’s back again
hanging round like a landlord
sniffing out last month’s ripened rent.

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice
while others might be all sugar and spice
I’m something on the in that’s
a little ‘different’, I’m afraid.

Sure, some people are all pop-tart,
hard on the out but gooey at heart,
but, baby, I’ll say it again
All you get when you look here within?
Oxycontin, fairly rotten codeine, and gin.

So, straight shooter, stay away,
or better yet, you know what? Just stay
but I don’t think you’ll want to hang around
when this Novocain emotional train pulls into town
and lets all those passengers come callin’ out to play.


Just a fun off flavored lil’ poem here. It comes from a scrap I found in an old notebook back in 2003 and the line “Novocain emotional train’ just wasn’t done justice by sitting buried in there. A big thanks to gmarcelo for the awesome image and I hope you enjoy!

One response

  1. weird yes ….and yet a complete story in itself

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