Facing the Music


Facing the Music

I jig my fingers over
flesh, letting nails
peek in, peeling,
flaying, anticipating,
in hopes of snaring
thicker skin.


Other than this blog, I don’t let people read my writing. Really. I have kept it all to myself, hidden in dusty notebooks and well categorized word documents without allowing my words to go out and play. Yeah, that’s right, I’m the creepy overprotective word-mother; I was just afraid all my favorite little word-babies would just get hurt. Get picked on by other people. Heck, even this blog was hard for me to start. However, I know you’ve got to start somewhere, and you’ve got to just keep going. This is a nice little poem about how painful that first opening up can been, in search of getting accustomed to the world and setting out in hopes of growing thicker skin.

3 responses

  1. like it!

  2. I feel the same, but it gets easier with time. And you are doing a wonderful job so far.

    1. Thank you both for the advice and the compliment! ^_^

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