Mother-In-Law Meter

 Mad woman outline

Difficult. Some words are just
Plain. Impossibly. Difficult.
Like these for instance:

An orange and silver
Pint midst the kiln of
Angst and gulf fiends. *

Uncooperative, odd rhymes
Butting their way into prose
Where they don’t belong
And fouling lines with their
Nagging bulky never-
Going-to-accept-you guise.

Those blunt and ugly
words that sit there and stare,
Judging, for not fixing them,
For every that’s-not-how-his-father-did-it
Thing that you do,
And hating for taking what
Was never really theirs to give.

Let’s see,
We’ve covered odd, bulky
blunt and ugly, uncooperative
plain judgmental and clunky.
Toss in hateful and stir in spite.
Hmmm. Yep, that about does it

Seems to sum her up alright.



*These are words that are really, really hard to find a perfect rhyme for. You know, those ones who are just plain difficult.

Yeah, you know it’s true. I never really understood the mother in law thing and then a dark shadow passed onto my life, and it refuses to stay in its corner of the states ever since.

12 responses

  1. OUCH 🙂 but ohhhh so relatable. I loved how you illustrated so much in a fresh, unique manner. And then, somewhat subtlely, ok, not so subtlely LOL applied them to … well, you know who. Wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. LOL I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I thought that there would a few people out there that appreciated its theme 😉

    1. I know, right? I’m glad you liked it 🙂

      1. Lol. Totally right. I could have added a few curses in there though if it was about MY mother-in-law. I’m too scared to venture down that kind of path on my site though. But….. I’m kinda tempted now. Hmm..

      2. You should so do it! Think of it as payback against all those super-nags out there!

      3. Lol. K. Deal *hand shake*

  2. put those words well !

  3. fiend and feign? Interesting, thank you.

    1. Thanks you ! Im really glad you enjoyed it.

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