The Road To Ruin

Female legs in car

The Road To Ruin

Going steady in a crowded room,
traffic’s heavy but overall smooth
check your mirrors:
all’s clear.

Cruise control in the passenger lane
caution lights flash teeth
from over out along the way,
parallel parked at the single’s bar
Ferrari’s blinkers are signaling you.

Fiberglass  in a cocktail dress
windshield of tinted baby blues
filling up on someone else’s brandy
high octane stalls to swoon.

All sharp curves and dangerous turns,
a place where the gravel’s loose
and there’s been men at work
but unlike normal, that’s just
fine with you.

And the GPS screams keep right!
but the radio’s on full blast
and you’re flooring it out of sight
drunk on the destination her
eyes are hinting at.

Gazes lock, lips purse, you-

Slap! Crash! Woo-woo!

“Hey, pal,” your state trooper booms
“hands back to ten and two!”
caught, clocked, and charged
you’ve earned a one way ticket
to sleeping in the living room.

You know that look. It means
caution, there’s road work ahead
and suddenly distracted driving
seems far less innocent.

Get ready pal, your sentence
is set! Hope that shiny pride of
yours is ready for one more
well deserved little dent

now that someone’s really
gearing for you.


Okay, so this is way cumbersome (at least to me it seems that way) and it’s not really a pretty poem, but it’s  fun, so I’m slapping this up there as version one till I get a chance to play around with it and whack it down a bit. I fought back and forth with two  three four endings, one which simply left off the last verse and opted out for ‘Caution: There’s road work ahead’ instead. I liked that one too so it was a bit of pickle to choose. However, here’s what I’ve got and I hope you enjoy a funny lil’ idea for Friday’s poem.

9 responses

  1. You know the metaphor’s a good one when everything you think of in world 1, works in world 2. I enjoy seeing the rough early version. I had been thinking of asking visitors to my site about their revision habits. I revise often on my end. The version you read today is usually not the same version if you revisit. Thank you for the good words and the good photo.

    1. Thank you! I’m actually considering doing a post that takes pictures of my white board due to the fact I write most of my poems on it, and then start doing revisions in different colors to see how it has changed. Might be fun to actually show how much a poem changes from conception to polished ending!

      1. I think it’s very interesting concept and insight into the creative process.

  2. Thank you fer clickin on hobounivercity whatever that mean as a not so published poet writer musician ect..ect..ect…ive been burned on the stake more tinmes than that there jesus so i must been doinsumptin right as 54 yrs prefessessays uhm ur poem is cool keep whackin it down n ur next masterpiece will b stalled n send ph # of them legs.
    in advances for your help in these timely matters ya
    sin cerlyg
    General Hope /vice prez hobounivercity

    1. lol And thanks for taking the time to visit my blog as well! 🙂

  3. She’s got crash test dummy knees…

  4. I like the setup and the idea…keep on working it, please!

    1. Thank you! I’m going to keep working on it and hopefully shaving it down till its less bulky.

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