Man in front of computer at night


The minutes they
drip, like oil seeping
they sit heavy but
slide quick from
the corners of my eyes,
the place where
time passes when
you watch the
clock tick it by.


So this is a short one for the end of the week. It’s not funny, but I think it catches the perfect feeling of those last few minutes of your workday. I actually wrote it as I sat, just looking at the tiny clock on my screen (that’s why I chose that stock photo up there) Anywho, happy Friday and welcome to your weekend, my friends!

13 responses

  1. How true it is. Good point.

  2. This is definitely relevant to me now.

    1. I’m glad! Well, not about the whole ‘you are suffering from insomnia’ bit, but that you found the poem relevant to you 🙂

  3. I’ve worked retail for the past 3 years…I don’t remember what weekends are 😦

    1. I feel you here! I actually work all weekends on my job and have days during the week off.

  4. anonymousmisanthrope | Reply

    Indeed. The worst is when an all-nighter has to be pulled for some reason or other, thus making the last few minutes of your workday occur at 6am or thereabouts. Very surreal.

    1. Ugh. I agree. I was up till about four a.m. last night and tonight looks like it’s going to be another long one!

  5. ghostwriter1348 | Reply

    Have a Great weekend! 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thank you and same to you!

  6. I had insomnia when I worked and have it worse now. My solution: sleep during the day and write all night. Aah the beauty for retirement. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. Catch ya tomorrow night (or is it morning)?

  7. This is a very truthful description! Thanks for liking my post and bringing me here that way :).

    1. You’re welcome and I’m glad you liked it! Insomnia is such a drag lol

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