Pessimist’s Spring


Pessimist’s Spring

A thunder clap
slapped me right outta
bed, and the light I left on
had an entire ecosystem
swarming ’round it.

Then morning came
and my eyes swelled shut,
I sneezed, hacked, and a
damned lung nearly came up.

Suddenly the neighbor’s noisey
offspring went screaming down
the street, and it sent me
to thinking that there’s
a million and one other reasons
why I dread the spring.


Thanks to evah for the awesome pic above! Pessimist’s Spring is a work in progress, but I wanted to get the idea posted and out there as I think it’s good enough for a small smile. I do feel some of the things the speaker has to say, which is a bit inspiration for the poem. Though I like seeing the sun again, I do rather miss Fall and Winter as I feel they are far to brief!

10 responses

  1. Cute! Love your writing style!

  2. I guess I get off easy… mosquitoes and flies are my undoing.

    1. Ohhhh, don’t even remind me about them. And ticks. Being an avid hiker, I have a special place in my heart wrapped in hatred just for them.

  3. What a delightful poem to start my day with…thanks for the laugh.

    1. You are very welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. A great reflection 🙂

  5. First of all, thank you so much for reading our stuff over at the everyday poetry project. I just now came over here to read your work and I was blown away by the effortless personality and far-reaching detail in it. Thank you once again for just being a writer.

    1. Of course and, thank you so much for your kind words. Really. It’s compliments like this that give me the lil’ boost that I need to keep clacking away at these keys. You’ve really made my night 🙂

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