In Which Real Life Gets In The Way Of Things


Alright, so my normal posting schedule is going to be a bit off. Chapter two of DBA will have to wait until this weekend, though I will get it out so Chapter 3 is right on time. Though I would like nothing more than to keep up the posting spree I have been on, I do think my Statistics final needs more attention that it is getting; I really have to pass this class, folks. Anywhooo, posting should be back to normal starting Friday, with the Chapter for DBA heading out this weekend!  In the mean time, here’s a few of my favorite face palm memes to honor my epic should-have-planned-ahead fail!


067DXT40 Alice-Facepalm-Move-alice-30626778-492-469 facedesk-facedesk-facepalm-fail-demotivational-posters-1310644617 godzilla-facepalm-godzilla-facepalm-face-palm-epic-fail-demotivational-poster-1245384435 photo-966-ae569ec6


8 responses

  1. my thoughts (and condolences LOL) are with you … good luck on your Statistics!!! I do not envy you at all, sorry. 🙂

    1. Ohh, thank you. I am going to need those good vibes. This is officially my last class I have to pass to get my Associates degree done, so the pressure is on!

  2. I know the feeling – go luck in your class! 🙂

  3. Augh…finals week is coming up for me too. *Sigh* I wonder how many of my tests will overlap this semester. Anyway, loved the Tommy Lee implied facepalm and the Face Hugger facepalm best. Now I sort of want to watch Men In Black and Alien Resurrection…
    – Azariah

    1. Good luck on your finals and I’m glad you enjoyed a few of the pics!

  4. Very enjoyable. Thanks for following my blog. Blessings.

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