Where Your Heart Is (Friday Fictioneers)

decorative bar with abstract painting

Where Your Heart Is

They say it’s where your heart is. The place where you love to rest your head.

Sure, I’ve got a box in a picket fence down on Main Street where I park my car at night, and have one sided conversations about my day or hers. But it’s nothing like here.

Here I’ve got Remmy, Jack, and Jim. Here I’ve got Saul’s long face on the wall. I’ve got color and mood lighting, comfortable seats, and jokes I’ve never heard before. And here, if I ever run out of heart, there’s always some waiting for me.

You see, I am home.



I finally got back on schedule enough to do another Friday Fictoneer’s post! I love these little 100 word prompts so much. They’re fun, and a bit challenging, plus getting to read what everyone else does is equally as awesome. Basically, each week brings you a new picture as a prompt, and you have 100 words to tell a story in. Like I said, fun but challenging.

Well, here’s to hoping that your weekend is awesome and that your Monday takes a while to get here!

28 responses

  1. That looks like the weirdest off-license I’ve ever seen.

    1. It is rather interesting, isn’t it? As a fun note, I had to actually look up what an off liscense was lol.

      1. Er…it’s a shop that’s licensed to sell alcohol that’s off pub premises…although you’re probably aware of that now. Also known as the offie.

  2. Totally relate to this one. More than once, I’ve found a drinking establishment I can comfortably call home. Such places are precious. I really enjoyed this.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this guy, as I always love when someone can relate to one of my stories/poems 🙂 And I’d kill for a place like this one around here. It looks so fun and home-y.

  3. Beautiful. Sad. A place of refuge he/she shouldn’t need. Gently written.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I think this guy is one of those lost individuals in life who hasn’t quite figured out what he wants out of it yet.

  4. Thanks for the visit.

    Great write. 🙂

  5. Dear P,
    In my opinion you almost didn’t need the last line. It was implied so well with “if I ever run out of heart…” In any case, a sad commentary and a well-written story.

    1. It’s a bit overkill, I admit but I trying to keep that perfect 100 word count! And ty for the compliment! I really loved the pic for this prompt. I’d love it if there were a place that looked like that around here!

  6. The “Cheers” TV show jumped to mind… yep, bars can offer a lot of comfort to feel right at home. Your story is a great description of this comfort.

    1. Thank you and that is the sort of feeling I was going for! That home-y bar where you can just relax and get away from it all.

  7. Quite a contrast between home and the Icon–I can see why he prefers the latter. Good story.

    1. Thank you! He’s a bit biased towards the two places, isn’t he? lol

  8. “a box in a picket fence where I park my car” – is inspired! I feel sad for this guy that his homelife is so dull, maybe he should move into the bar permanently!

    1. I know! I think he is one those trapped individuals, who doesn’t really know what he wants out of life, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out!

    1. Awesome! 🙂 I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Sounds cosy,..not a lot of love with that wife of his though…

    1. I think it is that whole familiarity breed contempt thing going on here. His marriage is no longer a new thing, and yet it hasn’t made it through any times to really pull them together, so he’s in a sort of in between phase. T.M.I., I know, but that is where this character seems to be coming from.

  10. Nice little ode to a fictional watering hole. Also introduced me to the Friday Fictioneers and a bunch of other cool little stories, so thanks for that!

    1. Ty and you are very, very welcome! Friday Fictoneers is so much fun 🙂

  11. thanks for the visit. nice blog you have here.

    1. Of course and ty for stoppin’ by here as well!

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