Writing Rhymes

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Writing Rhymes

What matters most is a tough one,
but what simply means something I find easy.
I locate a species wide norm and nominate it
before I begin delving in colloquially

Add in a dash of borrowed wit and give it a
little kick of my smart aleck and snide chime
and, folks, you’ve got yourself the makings of
a good ol’ fashioned rhyme.


It’s true. That right there is my formula for sitting down and writing poems. Well, at least ones I post on here, at least. It’s short, simple, and too the point; basically it’s me in written form. Anywho, today is just a short one  that describes how I get things done and keep them moving along, even when my brain wants to call it quits or my muse refuses to reschedule his hair appointment. Here’s to still hoping that your week is going by quickly and that Friday feels just on the horizon!

8 responses

    1. Thanks a mill for the repost!

  1. Oh, Sweet Darla…you’ve won my heart!

      1. A is for “Alfalfa.” Kidding aside, you defined me in your post and it made me like your writing even more than I already did. Happy blogging…

      2. lol! And thank you! I’m glad you connected to this one 🙂

  2. I nick all my poems off the backs of cornflakes packets that everyone’s forgotten about. Nobody’s noticed yet,

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