To Each Their Own


To Each Their Own

in the darkness willing,
where dreams grow weak,
and hearts weary,
I am home.

is music in this misery
stories to be told,
and adventures to be had
even when alone.

there exists mood there
to you’ll find a muse
only waiting for someone
to call their own.


It’s true. I mean, take a good look at E. A. Poe and see what I mean? If there is one thing I have learned in life it is that everyone has their own way of life, and to just live under the banner of ‘to each their own’.  Basically I follow under the principle that people can do whatever floats their boat as long as they don’t rock mine.  Simple, right?

Anywho, happy weekend, folks, and I hope you enjoyed this one!

8 responses

  1. This was wonderfully said and I agree completely with what you wrote about the boats, I would only add “as long as neither is sinking from a terrible storm”.”There
    is music in this misery
    stories to be told,
    and adventures to be had
    even when alone.”- this part was just ingenious, too often I see people in constant need of company to do anything, even dress themselves, thinking being alone for just 1 minute is life threatening,not realising there is so much to elarn and take inspiration from when you are alone and from withing yourself.

    1. Well, thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed this one as I had a good time writing it due to the nature of its theme 🙂

  2. Very well said. You are your own island; people may visit, but they will always have to leave.

    1. Exxactly! Though some people tend to forget that, hence the poem 😀 Ty for readin’!

  3. Very much liked, as with all your work!

    1. Well, thank you 😀 You’re far too kind!

  4. The muse always plays hide-and-seek…

    1. Ohhh, it so does and mine is just, well, sort of cruel. And fickle. If I don’t pay attention to him, he gets all offended and just takes off on me!

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