The Royal Judiciary

The Royal Judiciary

The Royal Judiciary

The typewriter sits
sizing me up
leering at what it
has to think is so

With piercing black bleachers
full of conspicuous keys
an alert and sternly
jury convening in on

to see if I’ve got
what it takes to
tap them to the rhythm
of a good solid

weighing those against
me who, before me,
have gone.


So I’ve got this old type writer that sits across from the foot of my bed on a dresser by itself and, well, sometimes I just have this feeling like it is watching me. Gigantic black Royal that used to belong to my great grandmother. It might just be my insatiable urge to personify things, but there’s a sort of has this air about it like it is weighing in on me. Well, enough for me to write this little diddy about it, anyway.

Thanks for reading and I hope your Tuesday speeds by and the rest of the week is quick to pass!


10 responses

  1. Ha…most people won’t be able to remember those devices…no plug. 🙂

    1. lol Ohhh, I know. I love having it around for what it is, which is a reminder of a time when writing was even more frustrating than it is now 😀

  2. Jeremiah Walton | Reply

    Interesting poem. I’ve never actually used a type-writer, which at first, I was thinking “that’s ridiculous”. Then I remembered I’m a kid growing up in the 21st century in an age of computers, space exploration, and exponentially evolving technology.

    Type writers nifty objects, and cool to use, but really, a computer just does the job with more efficiency.

    Thanks for sharing. I appreciated this post, poem, and thought-probing. Cheers!

    1. I remember playing around when I was realllyyy young on an old electric one my grandmother had, but nothing like the ancient metal monster in the poem. I am getting it back in working order so I can just type on it, due to the fact I think they’re neat, but as I mentioned before, I just have this judgmental feel about the thing…maybe it’s a little jealous of my windows surface? 😀

  3. Okay…now I feel ancient. I went through about twenty typewriters in my time. Hard work they were too. There’s a reason why they don’t make them any more.

  4. “piercing black bleachers
    full of conspicuous keys”

    Marvelously descriptive! I learned “keyboarding” on a manual typewriter. To this day, I pound my keyboard like a man with a vengeance.

    Good work.

    1. Well, thank you 😀 I particuarlly liked this line as well. It was one of those that really strings a poem together. Thanks a million for reading!

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    1. Thanks a million for all the reblogs! Honestly that is awesome and far too kind of you 🙂

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