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Hump Day Duality

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Hump Day Duality

Middle of tha’ week and
I’m just a tad tapped out,
Monday’s on the backside but
Friday’s a lingering doubt
Sulkin ’round in the back
of my mind,

sending ghosting echos of
weekend shades, ring in my
ears of bar-made better days
where two words didn’t stand
obstructing my path,

it’s just the linger sting,
the bittersweet last of
Wendsay’s duality,
a hump day stagnation callin’,
on both future and past.


I’ve done Monday poems, I’ve done Friday poems but, folks, this is my first ever hump day poem. It might be a crude little rhyme, but I think it worked out alright. There just happens to be that elation but also that sort of ‘crap I still have two days to go’ feeling till the weekend.  Anywho, hope you enjoy and that your hump day ends quickly so you can truely be on the down slope of the work week! Continue reading →

Pop Goes

Pop Goes Your-

Pop Goes Your-

Pop goes your well-made plans,
the checking book,
earned promotions and
anything else you might have been
a countin’ on

because the universe, my dear friend,
will go on until your end,
sadly, without a thought in its head
that you were anything more
than a dream it might have
once forgot.

Mornin’, folks. Well, a bit closer to the afternoon now but, heck, first day back from a vacation and I’m still having that sort of ‘life lag’ of not wanting it to be over yet. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this lil’ diddy up above. It’s short but it has a point: things happen, and the world goes on no matter how unfair you think what has happened is, or even how devastated you might be. In the end, it’s all you, and you just have to keep that in mind and move yourself along or, before you know it, you’ll have gone no where at all while the world just passes you by!

Meaner By the Minute


Meaner By the Minute

I swear Monday’s just make me
meaner by the minute,

clock goes off,
I get up,
and my mind starts

Hour hand slicing
and minutes searing,
severing my last few
nerves while
the seconds are gearing
to make me twitch,

to get circuits to spark,
to try and make me
ignite and erupt,
and blow sky-high
the first $^*%!g hero,
who tries to push his
dumb luck.


There’s not much we can do about it, folks- It’s Monday again. I know that the day sometimes leaves me with a short fuse and, well, I’m sure it does a few of you too. So here’s a little poem to hopefully make your day less grueling and get you by a bit quicker.

Skulls Never Frown


Skulls Never Frown

 Spare me the melodrama,
the painted masks,
the acts,
life isn’t as cheap
when you peel the
tawdry robes back,
and strip it bare
of its sickly sweet
rotten meat,
and spoiled fat

Then bare bones can
address empty caverns,
and the pure ivory,
can cast,
contrasting shadows,
complimenting eulogies,
of our present and
our past.

It’s simple, it’s sweet- It’s Friday, folks. Welcome to your weekend, even though you might not be there yet, but here’s to hoping that, if you’re not, it comes quickly and lasts.

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