Hump Day Duality

smiling camel

Hump Day Duality

Middle of tha’ week and
I’m just a tad tapped out,
Monday’s on the backside but
Friday’s a lingering doubt
Sulkin ’round in the back
of my mind,

sending ghosting echos of
weekend shades, ring in my
ears of bar-made better days
where two words didn’t stand
obstructing my path,

it’s just the linger sting,
the bittersweet last of
Wendsay’s duality,
a hump day stagnation callin’,
on both future and past.


I’ve done Monday poems, I’ve done Friday poems but, folks, this is my first ever hump day poem. It might be a crude little rhyme, but I think it worked out alright. There just happens to be that elation but also that sort of ‘crap I still have two days to go’ feeling till the weekend.  Anywho, hope you enjoy and that your hump day ends quickly so you can truely be on the down slope of the work week!

6 responses

  1. Thanks for the reminder lost track of time – a Thursday poem perhaps?

  2. iI wish my hump day was as fun-looking as that camel’s headgear.

    1. LOL I know, right? I absolutely love this picture due to the fun head gear, and the smug looking camel. Somehow, I always know when I find the right picture for a post 😉 Here’s to hoping you have an awesome hump-day!

  3. Nice….it worked out alright. 😀 I invite you on my page Media Syndrome

  4. Hump day hump 🙂

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