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It’s when you’re all strung out
that they start to feel a lil’

all those emotions getting to ya
the good,
the bad,
the ugly,

ganging up on you when you feel
like a wound in a
world full of salt,

Nothing else to do but
find a corner
regrow some skin,

and get back to it all.


Well, it’s Monday again. Here’s to hoping that it doesn’t find you with thin skin but, if it does, just know that I feel you. More so than that, know that it just takes a little time for your shell to grow back and that, in the end, you’ll get back to it all.

This crude little poem was a scrap I thought worth throwing out to see if anyone wanted to bite on it. It’s got a good idea behind it and, hey, it’s got an awesome Western reference in it, so it’s doubling up on some awesome.

Here’s to hoping that your Monday flies by and that your week does the same!

Weight of the World

Ancient carving of a man with a weight balance behind him

Weight of the World

To Atlas, this ain’t nothing
but a thing, but I’m not him
and the world seems to bring
everything topplin’ down on
this mortal back, of mine.

It’s asking for that pound of
flesh that feels like a ton
and if the Fates have an army
then they’ve got every damned gun
aimed at the one who’s just got
nothing left.


It’s been one of those weeks, folks, and it doesn’t look like it is letting up any time soon. Thankfully, I get some inspiration during these times and, as I am sure you’ve had them too, I end up with something to post about.

Here’s to hoping the week keeps on walking by, and that your down-slope slides you right into that much needed weekend of rest.

The Bar Tender

drink with backlight red lights

The Bar Tender

He’s waiting, watching with a smile,
Cleaning counters with one hand and
Thoughts going a minute per mile
On what the evening’s gonna bring

He’s seen it all, and he’s kept them
Running, happily filled and staunched
When they were getting a little too
Detracted or short on their money

A dying breed, he’s turned out alright
One part philosopher, and the other part
A person who knows how to
have a good time,

He’s a philanthropist tending,
mending moods, and cultivating dreams,
keeping the conversation flowing,
right alongside those tantalizing drinks.

It’s simple. It’s sweet. It’s Friday, folks. Welcome to the weekend! I hope you enjoy this diddy about that awesome but dying breed of bartenders; it’s those people who really are there to take care of you, keep the conversation flowing, and keep the drinks on comming. So, in short, this is an ode to the people I think the world could do with a few more of.

Here’s to hoping that your weekend is long, your drinks stiff, and your company worth keeping.

Born Blind

books and glasses

Born Blind

We’re all getting mucked down
and spun up, revolving planets
’round our problems, belivin’
that there’s never been enough
worry like what we’ve been tasting

blind as the day we were born, we’re
deaf as fools to boot, turning cold
shoulders to the men who wrote about
just what we’re going through, and
actin’ as though our lives are
something that’s never been
done before.


Well, it’s the middle of the week and I thought that maybe we could all do ( me included) with a little advice. Think of this as an A is For Public Service Announcement, of sorts. It all happens to us, and I’m not immune to this. Something happens in our life and we get this funny lil’ idea in our heads that it is something so great or terrible that’s it’s never happened to anyone one before. Of course, upon having a little sense knocked back into our heads, we’d remember that it is just about impossible to find ourselves in a situation where another human being actually hasn’t been before.  So, especially for those times we find ourselves in trouble,  I kindly recommend rememberin’ that this has all been done before. Once you realize that, it’s easy to go and pick up a book on history, to see what people have done or, better yet, find yourself a nice book of philosophy and take some advice from Plato, Aristotle, or Seneca might just do you some good in the end.

Well, I’ll stop being long-winded now, and I hope you find your week is fast on the down slope, and that your weekend isn’t too hard to see on that horizon.

Good Company

neon bar sign

Good Company

The drinks were overpriced and
the ingredients were underfunded
yet, somehow, the show kept on
for hours on end

the clock’s hands went waving off life
while we found ourselves still inside
enjoying the dirty little hole
in the wall
more by the minute

it’s the spirit of things when you
really get down to it, it’s the essence
of the people who show up and aren’t
afraid of losing it
just for the sake
of having
one hell of
a good time.


Mornin’, folks. Hope this finds you still slightly hung over. Or at least feelin’ it a bit. Needless to say, I hope you here in the states had a hell of a labor day and that you’re refueled enough to put up with one more cup of crappy coffee. Just think, least there’s only a few more days till you can do it all over again.

Anywho, hope you enjoy this crude little idea of a fellow. Thought he would be applicable on a weekend where we often find ourselves out in little holes in the walls. Despite the shabby appearances and less than adequate alcohol, I always find it is a hell of a time just if you have some good company along for the ride.

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