Born Blind

books and glasses

Born Blind

We’re all getting mucked down
and spun up, revolving planets
’round our problems, belivin’
that there’s never been enough
worry like what we’ve been tasting

blind as the day we were born, we’re
deaf as fools to boot, turning cold
shoulders to the men who wrote about
just what we’re going through, and
actin’ as though our lives are
something that’s never been
done before.


Well, it’s the middle of the week and I thought that maybe we could all do ( me included) with a little advice. Think of this as an A is For Public Service Announcement, of sorts. It all happens to us, and I’m not immune to this. Something happens in our life and we get this funny lil’ idea in our heads that it is something so great or terrible that’s it’s never happened to anyone one before. Of course, upon having a little sense knocked back into our heads, we’d remember that it is just about impossible to find ourselves in a situation where another human being actually hasn’t been before.  So, especially for those times we find ourselves in trouble,  I kindly recommend rememberin’ that this has all been done before. Once you realize that, it’s easy to go and pick up a book on history, to see what people have done or, better yet, find yourself a nice book of philosophy and take some advice from Plato, Aristotle, or Seneca might just do you some good in the end.

Well, I’ll stop being long-winded now, and I hope you find your week is fast on the down slope, and that your weekend isn’t too hard to see on that horizon.

4 responses

  1. Great … I like it …
    All the best,,,

    1. 🙂 I’m glad ya enjoyed it and ty a million for reading!

  2. so true words spoken….come on weekend!

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