The Bar Tender

drink with backlight red lights

The Bar Tender

He’s waiting, watching with a smile,
Cleaning counters with one hand and
Thoughts going a minute per mile
On what the evening’s gonna bring

He’s seen it all, and he’s kept them
Running, happily filled and staunched
When they were getting a little too
Detracted or short on their money

A dying breed, he’s turned out alright
One part philosopher, and the other part
A person who knows how to
have a good time,

He’s a philanthropist tending,
mending moods, and cultivating dreams,
keeping the conversation flowing,
right alongside those tantalizing drinks.

It’s simple. It’s sweet. It’s Friday, folks. Welcome to the weekend! I hope you enjoy this diddy about that awesome but dying breed of bartenders; it’s those people who really are there to take care of you, keep the conversation flowing, and keep the drinks on comming. So, in short, this is an ode to the people I think the world could do with a few more of.

Here’s to hoping that your weekend is long, your drinks stiff, and your company worth keeping.

11 responses

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  2. This is a new kind of style for me- your poetry. Usually I tend to go mad about the rhyme scheme and maybe it takes a little away from the soul. The last line sort of sums up why you’re talking about a bartender. At least what I understood from it was, that he’s someone who’s a bartender, in the vicinity of one of the most destructive vices and he’s somehow managed to stay level-headed and not fall prey to the very same. I liked this!

    1. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed this guy and thanks for giving my rhymes a chance! Happy to have ya reading along!

  3. I have a thing for bar tenders.

    1. lol there’s a certain allure to the good ones, isn’t there?

  4. I must say, I look forward to these poems every day. Great job! Keep them coming!

    1. Well, thank you and I am really glad to hear that. It’s the type of comment that keeps me going 😉 Thanks a million for reading!

  5. Great homage to a breed apart. Nice work.

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