It’s when you’re all strung out
that they start to feel a lil’

all those emotions getting to ya
the good,
the bad,
the ugly,

ganging up on you when you feel
like a wound in a
world full of salt,

Nothing else to do but
find a corner
regrow some skin,

and get back to it all.


Well, it’s Monday again. Here’s to hoping that it doesn’t find you with thin skin but, if it does, just know that I feel you. More so than that, know that it just takes a little time for your shell to grow back and that, in the end, you’ll get back to it all.

This crude little poem was a scrap I thought worth throwing out to see if anyone wanted to bite on it. It’s got a good idea behind it and, hey, it’s got an awesome Western reference in it, so it’s doubling up on some awesome.

Here’s to hoping that your Monday flies by and that your week does the same!

2 responses

  1. “a wound in a world full of salt.” LOVE THIS

    1. 🙂 Glad ya liked that guy. I loved that line and just couldn’t leave it out. Thanks a million for reading!

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