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Happy Halloween, my fiends! (Halloween Play List Included)

Just a quick post to give a happy All Hallow’s Eve to all my favorite fiends out there. Today, instead of a poem, I thought I’d post a link here to some of my favorite scary music videos . We’ve got everything from good ol’ favorites to some lesser knowns that I happen to like. Also added in my favorite reading of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Also, share um if you’ve got um’- let me know if you’ve got a favorite poem that you’ve written or that you’ve seen dealing with Halloween down in the comments.

Last but not least, let me link you to one my previous posts that’s a three part story that takes place on Halloween:

Once again, Happy Halloween and tonight, if you don’t feel some fright, you’re just not doing it right 😉 Happy Hauntings.

Pity For The Wicked

Pity For the Wicked

Pity For the Wicked

Soured souls seeking
solace in their spite
scratch, cling,
claw, bite,
off more than they can chew,
gnaw holes in hearts,
hands that feed
and right on through ,
to their very bones where
distasteful sinews
of their woes,
stick in teeth,
run down throats,
block, gurgle,
gag, and choke,
spewing venom as they go-

a corpse twitching
in its throes.


With Halloween only a day away, I thought I’d throw up a little poem that’s a bit on the darker side of things. Normally I like to keep it pretty light around here but, well, sometimes those darker things are just too good not to post.

This one here is just a call to have pity for those malicious people. Besides, they aren’t really living at all, sad things. They get all tied up in knots and, before they know it, their whole life is lost in something that was never really worth their time.

Skin of My Teeth

Skin of My Teeth

Skin of My Teeth

I swear that if I
caught a break I
wouldn’t know what
to do with it,

always on edge,
ready to move,
taking a defensive
position, and ready
to follow through,
with whatever crisis
needs adverting
this time round,

but, come each brand
new hell, you can
bet I’ll still be
found lingering long after
the brimstone cools
right on down ,and
the spotlight shines
on the one who just
barely got by, unlike
all the unfortunate rest.


We’re here again, aren’t we, folks? Monday’s done come and spoiled our fun (oooo, I like that line for another poem. Noted 😉 ) but, like the soldiers we are, we’ll just have to keep carrying on until that long road marches us right into our next reprieve. Until then, I hope my writing this week will help sweep things along. That is, of course, unless any more bombs get dropped around here as seems par for the course of fate.

This little guy is a reminder that, no matter what, that most of us are survivors who live dodging one crisis to the next and that, no matter what’s going on, you’re not alone it in; I feel your pain, my friend!  Besides, adversity seems to make us show our best, whether we like it or not.

Here’s to hoping that your work day is short, your boss caught either a case of kindness or that nasty lil’ virus where they can’t talk long enough to annoy you, and that you’ve got something cold and refreshing waiting back home for you when the day finally comes to an end.

Monday Motivation


It’s True

You can only break a cycle
by drawing a line.


Happened again, didn’t it? It’s Monday, regrettably but here’s to hoping that you’ll be able to make it easily through the up hill climb of the week. To help you along, I decided to post a little punch of a thought above that occurred to me late last night. You see, I’ve got this nasty sort of habit with being bored with the world around me and, well, nothing better to break a cycle than to just draw the line right where you’re at.

So, that being said, I urge you to think about the same. No matter what you find yourself dreading, or grumbling at today, just know that you can find away around it and get away clean because, as the best of us know, it’s never too early or too late to get out of a rigged game.

Here’s to hoping that your drinks are cold, your Monday is mild, and that your will is hotter than a white-red fire.


broken glasses


Plans, apparently,  just seem
to piss the world off,
you make one little agenda
and, before you know it,
the very universe is there,
looming, just to scoff at
that which it didn’t approve

So you see, brothers, we’ve
got to learn to move,
roll with the punches, learn
to juke, while still keeping
our odometer set to cruse
and always heading in
that direction we are
planning on.


You made it to the weekend, folks. Congratulations. I hope it’s just as relaxing and tastes twice as sweet as it did when you were craving it during the week.  Here’s a little work that seems to just be how the world works for the most part. It’s that whole ‘ the best laid plans’ idea that, for some reason, is just how it goes. Still, I think I need a middle stanza somewhere between the two, but that’ll come later…

Well, hope you enjoy this guy and here’s to hoping that your weekend’s long, your drinks are cold, and that Monday seems so far away.

Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

Back at it,
another weekend gone and
left me an addict so here
we go again,
singing cadences and remberin’
songs from my youth,
tools just to pull me through
one more damned


It’s Monday again, folks. ‘Nough said.

What’ll We Do Next?

Shadow of a man with his arms outstretched

What’ll We Do Next?

I’ll light a fire at
the end of the tunnel
if there’s no light waiting
there for me and I’ll burn
the whole place down
straight to the ground
and build a pyre over
which to grieve the
bittersweet passing of
that tyranny,
marking my last loss.


Well, folks, we made it; It’s finally Friday.  I’m hoping you enjoy this echo of my own answer to a question just like the title suggests. We’ve been having a pretty fierce little time around these parts and, well, I don’t intend to let this be the end of my life, and neither should you. It’s when the going gets tough that the tough gotta smack that little creep around and remind him that he isn’t so bad after all, and that is just what you’ve got to do.  So, if you’re having a tough time right now, or you find yourself facing one in the future, take a little strength from the poem because you can damn well believe a whole lotta strength went into it just for that reason alone.

Here’s to hoping that your weekend is long, your drinks are cold, and your soul is staying strong.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

shadow of someone walking on cobble stone

Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

If I walk any taller
I’ll be damned if I don’t
break in half and
fall right over

and I’m carrying as big
of a stick as they come
speaking softly while I
drum on my chest in calculated

and the world seems to be
unmoving, stubborn as an ox
and just as blue as they come,
however, my will be done,
I’ll yoke that bastard and
force him to drive me towards
that sun, I have been
aiming for
all along.


Well, we’ve made it to Wednesday, haven’t we, folks? Sure took it’s sweet time getting here but at least, from here on out, we’re on the down slope to a bit of freedom. I hope you enjoy this little diddy above. One of those things that gets written in one sitting and kinda just feels right.  Ups and downs aside, you just gotta keep going on strong to get where you want to be and I’ll be damned if I don’t follow my own advice on this one.

Here’s to hoping that your hump-day goes right on by and you can see Friday crystal clear on that horizon.


crying statue


These worries are
upon my soul that
at their own scabs


Just a quick little verse that’s been haunting the wall of my shower for a while ( I occasionally get ideas and the poor walls of my house suffer for it by getting written on by random things such as eyeliner and lipstick). It’s been applicable to my last few weeks, and I thought it just might be something for yours as well.


Here’s to hoping your day flies by.

Flightless Plight

Monday reminds me that
I’m mortal,
breaks the bounds that
I have broke,
plucks the plumes from
weekend wings,
and grounds both my
expectations and my hopes.

But in defiance I
grow them still,
all the stronger back,
refusing to break
under that unyielding yoke,
and live a life where at
I am flightless and

Needless to say, it’s Monday again, folks. Could I apologize enough to soften its blow, I would but instead I offer the above poem. Hopefully it reminds you that, while the work week has just begun, you’re going to be free again soon and, if you work hard enough, you might just escape it for good. 

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