The lines on my face are
growing deeper by the dozen,
and the color of my hair has
finally soaked up all the snows
that I have seen,

and the mirrors there but I
have no cares for the faces
that I’ve been, and I’m only
interested in the one that
the world is gonna see,

because the years can mare me,
make and take the youth that
I have known, I haven’t yet
begun to fight and this Earth
has yet to be shown just who
I truly am and where I’m going
to be.

Happy Friday, folks. We made it, didn’t we? Hopefully this weekend last long and, if you’ve got a bit of lag before you get there, that this poem and the song I posted below helps you get through it.

3 responses

  1. Wonderful stuff! And thank you for making the start of my weekend a brighter one 🙂
    Have a great weekend too!

    1. Well, thank you 🙂 It is comments like this that give me a bit of fuel to keep on ‘a postin’!

      1. Keep posting definitely! Keeping posting regardless because you love what you do, that’s what makes you stand out… apparently 🙂

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