Flightless Plight

Monday reminds me that
I’m mortal,
breaks the bounds that
I have broke,
plucks the plumes from
weekend wings,
and grounds both my
expectations and my hopes.

But in defiance I
grow them still,
all the stronger back,
refusing to break
under that unyielding yoke,
and live a life where at
I am flightless and

Needless to say, it’s Monday again, folks. Could I apologize enough to soften its blow, I would but instead I offer the above poem. Hopefully it reminds you that, while the work week has just begun, you’re going to be free again soon and, if you work hard enough, you might just escape it for good. 

6 responses

  1. Monday brings my soul to a reality of my struggling body.

    1. Ugh. You couldn’t have said it better! If I somehow could just auto-pilot through my Monday’s I swear the week would be so much easier.

      1. Coffee solves a lot of things!!

  2. Happy for you. Monday is mostly just another day for me. Times come and go. The weekend rest away from work will come, but it will also go. Hehehehehe.

    1. lol Lucky! I just now have the luxury of not working seven days a week, so Monday and me are going to go officially toe to toe again 😉

      1. Well, to tell the whole truth, as a human, my work involves weekends at times. So, you may be the lucky one. IF you don’t regard the restive attitude the weekend confines on you only to be shattered on Monday as a curse.

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