broken glasses


Plans, apparently,  just seem
to piss the world off,
you make one little agenda
and, before you know it,
the very universe is there,
looming, just to scoff at
that which it didn’t approve

So you see, brothers, we’ve
got to learn to move,
roll with the punches, learn
to juke, while still keeping
our odometer set to cruse
and always heading in
that direction we are
planning on.


You made it to the weekend, folks. Congratulations. I hope it’s just as relaxing and tastes twice as sweet as it did when you were craving it during the week.  Here’s a little work that seems to just be how the world works for the most part. It’s that whole ‘ the best laid plans’ idea that, for some reason, is just how it goes. Still, I think I need a middle stanza somewhere between the two, but that’ll come later…

Well, hope you enjoy this guy and here’s to hoping that your weekend’s long, your drinks are cold, and that Monday seems so far away.

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