Monday Motivation


It’s True

You can only break a cycle
by drawing a line.


Happened again, didn’t it? It’s Monday, regrettably but here’s to hoping that you’ll be able to make it easily through the up hill climb of the week. To help you along, I decided to post a little punch of a thought above that occurred to me late last night. You see, I’ve got this nasty sort of habit with being bored with the world around me and, well, nothing better to break a cycle than to just draw the line right where you’re at.

So, that being said, I urge you to think about the same. No matter what you find yourself dreading, or grumbling at today, just know that you can find away around it and get away clean because, as the best of us know, it’s never too early or too late to get out of a rigged game.

Here’s to hoping that your drinks are cold, your Monday is mild, and that your will is hotter than a white-red fire.

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    Pointed, Direct, and Really well-said… !

  2. And the rest of the week is great!

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