Skin of My Teeth

Skin of My Teeth

Skin of My Teeth

I swear that if I
caught a break I
wouldn’t know what
to do with it,

always on edge,
ready to move,
taking a defensive
position, and ready
to follow through,
with whatever crisis
needs adverting
this time round,

but, come each brand
new hell, you can
bet I’ll still be
found lingering long after
the brimstone cools
right on down ,and
the spotlight shines
on the one who just
barely got by, unlike
all the unfortunate rest.


We’re here again, aren’t we, folks? Monday’s done come and spoiled our fun (oooo, I like that line for another poem. Noted 😉 ) but, like the soldiers we are, we’ll just have to keep carrying on until that long road marches us right into our next reprieve. Until then, I hope my writing this week will help sweep things along. That is, of course, unless any more bombs get dropped around here as seems par for the course of fate.

This little guy is a reminder that, no matter what, that most of us are survivors who live dodging one crisis to the next and that, no matter what’s going on, you’re not alone it in; I feel your pain, my friend!  Besides, adversity seems to make us show our best, whether we like it or not.

Here’s to hoping that your work day is short, your boss caught either a case of kindness or that nasty lil’ virus where they can’t talk long enough to annoy you, and that you’ve got something cold and refreshing waiting back home for you when the day finally comes to an end.

4 responses

  1. Thanks for this one! Another Monday – another day to make a mark in our world!

    1. 😀 You are very welcome and thanks a million for reading!

  2. The first stanza sums up my life.

    1. lol Ohh, the funny thing is that I actually said that the other and thought ‘man, that’d be great in a poem’ and, well, here it is 😉 Thanks a million for reading and even more for posting!

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