Words For The Weary

man walking through tunnel

Words For The Weary

We can do this.

Sling our anchors
onto dreams and
pull through a
nother week filled
with the nuisance
of just being alive
and fulfilling such
lavish luxuries as
taxes and wanting to
eat while we think
the world is just
passing us by.

But we can have it.

We’ll get our cake
and eat it all while
laughing because we’re
tired and worn but never
bested and, my friends,
we’ll rest but only
when our drive is
burnt out, our fingers
ground to bone and
we’re satisfied with
where we’ve ended up
in our life and we’ve
got the time to watch
that sun fall and rise
whenever we




Oh, it’s the start of another week folks, and hopefully I can add a little reminder that (if you’re not exactly thrilled about that) you’ll get through it all. I know I need the little boost to believe that there’s more waiting for me than mornings with rum and coffee.

So, you might or might not have noticed that my posts have been a little scant lately. Reason for that was we had a nasty little twister come on through this area about a week back and that EF-4 did a little number on this town. Been a little hectic around here helping out friends and family while taking care of the house. That being said, if any of you are feeling generous, here’s a link to help out with the town’s recovery http://heroesmemorial.org/content/information-guide-washington-il .


Here’s to hoping that you’ve got a handle on this week, and that today flies on by and you find yourself relaxing at home in no time.

5 responses

    1. Thanks a million for the reblog!

  1. Oh i like this so much! Especially the first few lines – so good..

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