When Life Gives You Lemons…You’ve Got To Learn To Enjoy Lemon Juice

If life gives you lemons

If Life Gives You Lemons…

Life’s gone and just
worked me over
left me a skeleton with
thick skin and a grown
sober addiction to
my wounded pride

Refusing to be seasoned
with pain and left bitter
I grin fiercely and laugh
through the winter
enjoying the cold and
making the best I can
out of my accursed
little life

Sure it leaves me scarred but
light hearted and less
given to the mundane I’ve
been handed a pardon where
I can be less inclined
towards living blind and
doing those things that
I’ve never really wanted
to do.


Well, folks, not only is it Monday but I’ve made it back alive from finals week and out of the rather turbulent time the last few months has brought me. I thought I’d start my little return back with a fitting poem to commemorate the journey. No matter what happens ( as what something always seems to happen) I do my best to rebound from it without letting it turn me bitter. And it will try, as I’m sure you’ve found out by now. Still there’s something to be taken out of it all; those tough things seem to help you realize the more important things in life and that helps you get away from all the rather useless distractions that the normal, easy life brings.

Not wanting to waste your time, I hope your Monday turns out alright (as I know that is the best a Monday can ever bring) and that you find you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you come home tonight.

3 responses

  1. learn to squeeze and remember to add sugar

    1. Oh yes, if life gives you access to those, of course. The title to this came from an old joke that goes “If life gives you lemons, you’ve only got a crap ton of lemons. Enjoy your lemon juice.” I’ve always found that funny, in line with the other that mentions finding someone who has gin and having a party πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading and for commenting!

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