Ship on water watching fireworks


We’ve got a century of measure
if we’re lucky
days that make or break the
vows we’ve sown

Measures of time we toast
your passing and
sigh our breath at
growing old

We brush this world with our
bruise of color
hoping to leave our lingering
little marks

and we have only to shine
our brightest
to lighten the coming of
the impending dark


Happy new year, folks! I hope this one finds you happy and never hungry and always with something to wet your lips if your throat or mind’s getting dry.

As for the new year around here, I might be working on a new posting schedule and it looks like I’ll be creating a few pages to go along with the blog to showcase some more shares and other posts that I find funny and think you might enjoy. You can expect to see more writing around here, also with a few new white board posts to show what I am working on in between full poems and to give you an idea of how I go about drafting them. Should equal out to some more posts and some fun to share and, at the very least, you’ll still see me sticking around well into the new year. 🙂


One response

  1. Good news, happy new year!

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