Cold Snap


Thermometer reading ten below

Cold Snap

The wind sets the
trees to groaning
and each brittle branch
threatens to snap
as a howling wind huffs
itself over
envious as it steals
our breaths.



Mornin’, folks. So normally I’ve got a chipper poem to combat the case of the Monday’s, but today you’re getting this one instead. Why? That picture there is off of my home thermometer this morning. Enough said.

7 responses

  1. sooooooo C-O-L-D!

  2. This speaks with resounding recall the chill of winters far back into my youth and young adulthood. I live away from all of that now yet I read your words and close my eyes and I’m right back there and yes…it quite rightly takes one’s breath away!

  3. Brrr!!! I remember those winter days in Wisconsin. I do not envy you those kinds of temperatures. Wonderful little write 🙂

    1. Thank you! Both for the empathy and for the compliment 😉

  4. Enough to make this Irishman homesick (: Well captured – well done.

    1. Well, thank you! 😀 Glad it resonated with you!

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