Nature of the Machine


stylized picture of gears

Nature of the Machine

Used to be
motivated, dedicated
now just dry rotted and
a little jaded
but I’m still truckin’
along just fine.

However, now pauses find me
like an ancient ill-oiled
tired machine
where the fear of stopping
for just a single moment
might mean the cessation of
actually being.

So I sit still and tick
click and twitch when
the thought of being
still comes to mind
annoyed now to find that
long weekends make me
ill at ease and
chomping at the bit
for work at nine.


Well, hopefully you’re here in the states and you’ve had the chance to take it easy this Monday, folks. If not, well at least you’re doing what your’re doing. I have sort of come into this strange predicament. I’m happy not to be doing what I have to be doing, but at the same time, I still feel that things need doing…which is confusion on its own to say, let alone feel. Either way, I think productivity has finally caught up with me. Which leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Either way, I hope you are enjoying your day or at least have something cold and on the rocks waiting for when you get home tonight!


2 responses

  1. Nice blog! Are you Punchyish?

    1. Thank you, Professor! I would say yes, I’m sure, if I knew what that meant 😀

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