Regretfully Sober


Regretfully Sober

The work week snuck
up on me and I’m
grasping at straws,
stability that’ll
swing me through
the week
where I’m wishing that
each and every drink
had something stronger than
my paper-thin, another deadline
to get in,


Back from break and faced with another week. Ain’t that the breaks, folks? No matter how hard you fight, kick, or scream the work week comes all the same! Still, I’d like to give an ode out to all those who, like me, find it hard to face it without a good stiff drink. So, to you out there who are wishing you had something more than coffee to guide you on through I feel you. We’ll get through this together, I promise.

Here’s to hoping that your day flies by and that something cold and on the rocks is waiting for you when you get home at night!

3 responses

  1. warninghugeass | Reply

    Sobriety is a cold one. I try to count the positives that come out of being sober every time I want to indulge in my vice.

    1. Oh, I try to do that as well but normally I end up with that sort of ‘ohhh why not’ mood! Thanks a million for reading and even more for commenting 🙂

      1. warninghugeass

        It was my pleasure! Keep up the great work :-0

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