In This Together (+ Thank Yous)

Thank You

Honestly, thank you.

Life’s a hard one but
we’re a hell of a lot harder
Monday mornings, broken cars, bills
no bother-
because we, my friends,
have got each other and there’s
no force that can kick us enough
to keep us down
because we’ve been low
and yet we’ve found that we
quite enjoyed the view
so, you see my friends,
I’ve got this life
as long as it’s you’ve
got me
I’ve got you
It’s Monday again, folks, but let me tell you that this is a good one. Why? Well, because over the weekend a handful of my friends here helped me and gave me a little insight that I needed for some research I was doing. It is because of them and to them that I dedicate that poem above because, well, life’s a hell of a lot easier to go through when you’ve got such awesome people as them there to help you out.

Jixi Fox-
Sam M.
Julia S. –
lauraliane –

Thank you! Honestly, your input was absolutely priceless when it came to working with this project. Not only did you help boost my grade, but the information is something that I personally value as a way of understanding my fellow bloggers. I really couldn’t have done this with you so, again, thank you 🙂 ( If I forgot to add anyone, please remind me and I’ll toss you up onto here asap. )

Well, here’s to hoping that your day flies by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting when you get home tonight.

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