I deserve a lil’
for dealing with these
morning woes
I’ve got one hand
(the other’s too busy
holding my coffee)
demanding a raise simply
because I

Mornin’, Folks. Made it another round back to Monday, didn’t we? Well, hopefully you’re either in love with your job or getting paid enough to rise early and stay going until the day is gone because, man, can those hours seem long if you aren’t. This little one above is a nice call to that, feeling those mornings where you just don’t think you’re getting paid enough to get up and go through the Monday mornin’ drag.


Well, ending that little rant, here’s to hoping your day flies by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.

6 responses

  1. Raising my mug to yours. We are up. We are ranting. The week is off to a start at least.

    1. Hear, hear! That’s the only way to start the week in my book. A nice solid rant helps to get things out 😉 Thanks a million for reading and even more for commenting!

  2. It has a nice rhythm to it. And it captures the Monday feeling perfectly.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this one, R.A.! 🙂

  3. I agree 🙂

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