That light.
That God. Damned. Light
Everyday, it sees me coming and,
right at the last minute,
turns red. Every time!
I swear.

And the the weather, the air
Chilling only the days
when I’m working,
or raining when it obviously
knows there’s something
I wanna do out there.

Then there’s my car,
that useless piece of junk,
gives me hell on when I don’t need it to,
and breaks down when my bonus
finally comes through.

And then there’s life, that bastard-
Always against me, like fate.
Unforgiving, unyielding,
and straight up unfair.


Monday again, Folks. I’m hoping that yours is working well for you. Got a little something else for you to browse if you’re needing a break, too.

9 responses

  1. Ah…a very cute bit here…thanks for the morning smiles.

  2. Haha, wonderful. We all have those days.

  3. Life is really a bastard sometimes. It is well.

  4. The corner of my couch has it out for my toe

  5. First two lines. HOOKED. And the card made me laugh too.

  6. Reblogged this on SarahWriteNow and commented:
    You’ll be able to relate.

  7. Everything alright Amuseless? You haven’t posted in a while.

    1. Hey there! I’m actually still on vacation. I spent most of it hiking around in the woods and now I’m coming down off my mountain high but thanks for wondering! I should be back with a load of new material starting next Monday 🙂

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