Second Hand Revelries

What you see isn’t what you get,
Clean prose, powerful imagery, yet
You’re being cheated, friends!
You’re being given something
Much more used, most certainly abused
And not nearly half as innocent
As you’d expect.

I’m selling you
My emotional baggage, the
Refuse of my life that I’ve
Merely shoved into corners
Swept into snarky little piles,
And swindled into your lives.

You get my second hand sweat,
The byproduct of bad decisions,
Hypocrisy, and straight out lies;
You get everything that I push
under rugs and kick out of
my mind.

3 responses

  1. Hey gr8 poem.. loved the use of words.. you are realy talented ya, keep it up

  2. Heh, very well put, my friend.

  3. Poetry as recycling…won’t save a planet but might save a soul…

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