Monday Again

Monday Again

Monday Again

Where have the hours gone and
when did they go?
I was sitting in good company
sipping on better and
next thing I know,
that damned alarm clock
sets to leering,
jeering at the circles
set under to hold
open my eyes and tsking
with tics that I’ve got
to do something to somehow
make a life
whether I like it
or not.

Just a little reblog as I finally get back to my normal grind!  In addition, here’s a little something to help your Monday go by:

Make Monday A Little Easier- Pinterest

One response

  1. Yep. Or rather, maybe….which part of one’s normal life? Maybe, too often, we don’t get enough of the parts we crave and that feed us? I’ve been thinking about this, too. Maybe that will yield a blog post. Anyway, thanks for the follow.

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