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Just a quick note, folks. I’m finally back to being able to type a bit quicker now. Had a little more trouble than I figured before but now I’m back at it, and with a new job to boot. Got some good scraps to translate into text now and hopefully will be posting them soon.

The “New” Year


Every vice you didn’t quit
advice you didn’t give
all the work you didn’t do
just catching up with you

Resolutions come and gone
balls dropped
now it’s time to move along

Back to the rise and grind
the same ol’ song
that gets you every time


Happy first Monday of the year, folks. I know, I know. This feels strikingly similar to last year, doesn’t it? Well, to get through that monotony I’ve got a little something here to hopefully brighten up the start of your week.

Procrastiorian’s Pinterest

On a slightly different note, I’m currently suffering from an injury that knocked me down to one hand for typing so you might see some shorter posts or links till things perk up around here.

Still, regardless of it all, I hope that your day flies on by and that you have something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight!

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