Start Again. Together.

Does not get better than this

Does not get better than this

I’m shoveling dirt
out of this hole and
onto my back
40 hours at a time
5 days a week
at best

and I’m watching life
out of the
corner of my eye
the years just
keep on
stepping and gathering
and passing me by.

Well, it’s enough to make
anyone biter
and I cant
judge no matter how

hard I try

but rather
sing a cadence
a worker’s song
that makes
the hours go smoother
a little sweet
just to know you’re

Monday again, folks. Well, at least for this one I’m happy to say I’m back. Not happy for it, of course, but just happy to be back among the writers and readers. Been far too long.

Well, if you’ve been by before, you know the drill: I’ve got some things to try and brighten your Monday listed down below. If you’re new, I’m happy to have you. Check out the links below. Might just help sooth that Monday misery if you’re just getting started to drudge through the week like me.

Well, no mater how it goes, here’s to hoping that your day flies on by and that you have something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight!

Check out my Pinterest for some Monday Humor or take a look back at my previous Monday poems.

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