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Byron Quote

Byron Quote

Byron Quote

Of all the horrid, hideous notes of woe,
Sadder than owl-songs or the midnight blast,
Is that portentous phrase, “I told you so,”
Utter’d by friends, those prophets of the past,
who, ‘stead of saying what you now should do,
Own they foresaw that you would fall at last…

-Byron: Don Juan. Canto xiv. St. 50


you are what you eat
I’m a shot of Nyquil in
a screwdriver who ate a
little something on it’s
stomach to throw the ulcer
of its scent
actions speak louder than words
I’m a limp with a brazen
middle finger and a smirk
giving bad advice to
you reap what you sow
then I’ve got one hell
of a storm coming so I’d
better not waste my time
with words and just go
for the gold.


Happy’ Monday, folks. Hope that you had a good weekend and that you’re rested and ready for another round of this. Me? Not so much, but I’m running off of my normal fumes and truckin’ along as usual. Anywho, above is a little poem that I worked on over the weekend and thought you might enjoy. It’s not polished, or pretty but neither am I this early in the morning, so I figure it fits.

Well, here’s to hoping that your day flies by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight!




Shrink: I think you’re an alcoholic.

Patient: And I think you’re a lousy square who is severely biased against awesomeness, but let’s keep our funny little opinions to ourselves, shall we?


In the lack of poems, I’ve got quips. Lots of funny little few liners that someone might get to chuckle at while I’m still scrounging for time.  This one I found particularly funny just cause, you know, one man’s aliment is another’s enjoyment! Hope this funny little thing helps you get through your workday a little better.


Also a quick note: 2700! The number is crazy high, if you ask me. About three hundred more people decide to give a little quick, and I’ve got another awesome dedication poem to do and might just think of throwing a Facebook page up for good measure. Case any of you real nutjobs wanna see what I find funny, or get a glimpse at some of my scraps that I’m working to turn into poems!

Champion of the Work Week

Champion of the Week

Champion of the Work Week

And lo there came a savior-

A champion to the weak.

A hero to the weary.

And this savior would come to be known

by the noble name of ‘caffeine’,

and many would seek its council.


Okay, I admit it; that’s not a poem but, you know, sometime I have these little quips that are enjoyable. This being one, I thought I’d share it in the early morn for those of you who, like me, need that little boost. However you need it, in a Redbull, taking a pill, or chugging down a few cups of good ol’ fashioned brew, you know how true this one is. Don’t you?


crying statue


These worries are
upon my soul that
at their own scabs


Just a quick little verse that’s been haunting the wall of my shower for a while ( I occasionally get ideas and the poor walls of my house suffer for it by getting written on by random things such as eyeliner and lipstick). It’s been applicable to my last few weeks, and I thought it just might be something for yours as well.


Here’s to hoping your day flies by.

2000+ Thanks You’s (w/poem)

Thank You

Honestly, thank you.

It’s happened, folks. Over 2000 of you awesome individuals clicked the follow me button and, well, I am mighty grateful for it. Honestly, I can say how much I appreciate each and everyone of you who took the time to even stop by for a brief moment and look over a poem or two here.  Now, if you just wanna read my thank you poem, I suggest skipping to the end. If not, then let me fill you in on a little bit of the exciting news going on around here.

Firstly, I’ve had the honor of getting my poem “Indecision” freshly pressed. I can’t tell you what an awesome surprise that was, and it was an amazing pick me up. A little bit of an ego booster, so to speak.  There’s nothing like seeing something I put myself into actually get such a good deal of attention.  Secondly, I have been nominated by several of you for a handful of awards, all of which I completely honored and floored by. Those will all get their own post, and I’ll be mentioning you for the sake of being awesome enough to think of me.  Third, I’ll be launching my new facebook page soon, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for that folks, as I’ll be able to connect a bit better with all of you.

chocolate cupcake with pink frosting and sprinkles

Just in case you weren’t aware, for every 500 followers I get, I normally write a new poem….and I get myself a cupcake. Win-win, right?

Finally, I just have to say that, between getting freshly pressed, the sheer number of you amazing people, and the chance to actually connect more with everyone, that this has made the best birthday I have had in a very, very long time.  I honestly can’t remember a time when I’ve felt this good about life in general, nor when I’ve been this motivated to keep on, keepin’ on. Though it’s not officially till Sunday, I couldn’t possibly think of any other present that could make me feel so swell.

Thank you, honestly, for ever single second of your time. I can’t think of a single thing I value higher nor anything I’d rather have more.

As for the post, I’ve got a possessive little poem that’s just for you. Yep, you and only you. Think of it as my little ‘thank you’ for helping me limp my writing along. I really do appreciate it and, now, without further ado:


Your gaze,
my words,
our thoughts,

just, in this moment,
there is nothing
but us.

We exist
only in each other’s

my rhymes ghost
and your lips
lap this sentence:

that we are us,

an intimate assembly,
essences who flicker
in mutual envy

of our minds.

For me,

you will always be
audience enough.

Once again, thank you kindly, folks. I couldn’t do it without ya.

Come, fill the glass-

Come, fill the-

Come, fill the-

“Come, fill the glass
and drain the bowl;
May Love and Bacchus
still agree;
And every American
warm his soul
with Cupid, Wine, and Liberty.” –  James Russell Lowell


Happy Fourth, folks. Here’s to hoping that you get to enjoy a nice day off and that you get a lil piece of everything that awesome toast above mentioned. It’s one of my favorites pulled from an old “Hello Bill” book from 1914 that I’ve had in my possession since high school and, ever since then, I always find some sort of awesome piece in there no matter how many times I’ve opened it’s purple spine.

Anywho, Happy 4th to yours from mine!

Strange Truths

bright orange mask

Strange Truths

“Death comes with dedication,
Gratitude from the grave,
Sanity comes from solitude,
And intricacy from the insane.”


Thanks to tklinker for the awesome image! Just a small, nice little poem today to remind people that there are oddly connected things out there which we seldomly relate with one another; however, on closer examination, we can find that these do often have rather strong and surprising links!

Victis Honor: Facing the Storm

Facing the Storm5

Victis Honor

Thought I’d give this picture a post this afternoon. It contains the poem from earlier today, just on a very applicable picture. The photo was taken about five years ago in Oahu, Hawaii and I couldn’t think of a better image for this poem than one of facing the ocean as a storm rolls in.

However, because I’m fickle, I couldn’t figure out which centering of the text I liked best, so here’s another version.

Victis Honor

Victis Honor

Victis Honor


Today I stood, watching
Storm cloud angels blow
Hurricane kisses
to the sea.

Alone with them,
The world and me,
Gazed eye to eye,

I at the world,
And the world at me.


* Victis Honor means Honor to the vanquished in Latin. I believe there is not more a befitting phrase to be spoken between two worthy adversaries before battle. The kind that respect what is about to happen between them exists even for the one who will inevitably fall.

You know how, when some people are scared, they start yelling and acting all angry? This would be my equivalent when I’m feeling trepidatious about the world around me. So, my friends, here’s something that may not be funny, but I hope you enjoy anyways. Overall, I hope it at least finds someone out there who needs to see this, just like I needed to write it.

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