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Taking a break this week from the usual rants and mutterings that I call poems but, in the mean time, please feel free to check out my links below if you find yourself longing for those old words or in the mood for some more Monday mischief.

Well, as always, here’s to hoping your day flies right on by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.

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Tired Advice

Tired Advice

Tired Advice

make mountains out of molehills
bite the hand or
soil where you sleep
burning bridges feels great
but water under is twice as deep
and will float you when you fall
from those high horses who will never
behave for very

Be Untamed (Advice on World Poetry Day)

Be Untamed

Be Untamed

Burn those bridges,
Break those ties,
Bite those hands,
And heed this advice:

The well behaved
seldom make history.

Be untamed.


Happy World Poetry Day to all my fellow poets and those who just like to read poetry! Though I’m no great poet to give advice, I have noticed that those who do thing out of the norm, or use unusual/daring themes usually seem to have more likes and catch my eye as well. So, with that being said/observed, here’s my advice to you guys out there, and to everyone else in life! It’s based off the quote by Laurel Thacher-Ulrich. Picture copyright african_fi .

Fortune Favors The Bold


Fortune Favors The Bold

Last time I stopped to smell the roses,
I got stung five times in the face.
Last time I decided to take it slow,
I lost the godamned race.

My hands ended up empty
After the birds in the bush had fled,
Had I not counted my chickens,
I’d have invested in Apple instead,

And, when I stopped my wandering,
I caught something far worse than moss,
And now, instead of iPads,
My money’s all stuck in IHOPs.

And that thing I let go that loved me?
Well, it never came back,
And when this wheel tried to be squeaky
I ended up flat on my back.

So next time someone approaches me,
And tries to tell me all that they’ve beholden
I’ll shove a fist in their face
To remind them that silence is golden.


Another fun scrap of a poem that I cleaned up. It’s got a fun idea even though it’s a bit crude. Eventually, I’d like to change it around so, once again, you might be seeing a version two of this guy in the future!

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