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To All My Angels

To All My Angels

To All My Angels

You weren’t wearing wings
but jeans
t-shirts and smiles that
brought me back down
right where I
needed to
the most.

It’s short. It’s sweet. It’s Friday, folks. Welcome to the weekend and congrats for making it here.  Hope you enjoyed my little ode to all those who have made your life a little better, even though they’re not wearing any snazzy sparkling rings or wings. I’ve found that most of the people that will do great good in your life are plain ordinary or, hell, even a little out there looking. All part of that ‘it’s what is on the inside that counts’ spiel.

Well, here’s to hoping that your weekend is long, your drinks are cold, and that Monday finds you roaring and ready to go at it again. I’ll see you there.


((Special thanks goes to Saiuri for the snazzy image up there))

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