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For The Rest Of Us


Preach, Death Wish Coffee. Preach.


Well, well, well. I heard tell that some of you special snowflakes out there have this Monday all to yourselves. While you’re all out, relaxin’, here’s something for the rest of us to go on. May it help us get on a lil quicker through the day.

As always, here’s to hoping your day flies right on by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.

Make Monday A Little Easier – Procrastitorian’s Pinterest Board

Monday Mullings – Procrastitorian’s Previous Poems & Odes to Monday Disdain

Misanthropic Monday

Misanthropic Monday

Misanthropic Monday

It’s just a-
Misanthropic Monday
that flagship of the
work week fleet of
order bellowing days,
a daze of an up and at ‘um
caffeine fueled haze squeezed
between forced philanthropy
espoused values that profess
an honest way is an honest wage
love your neighbor and everyone
else who gets paid and
a million other things that beat
grate and drain while you,
hand pressed to ears,
grit your teeth, bare it, march on
through the never ending maze of


Still feeling a little uninspired this week? Here’s a link to help you out:   Make Monday A Little Easier- Pintrest

War Week

War week picture

War Week

Trumpets sound in
the form of honking
we’re all just rushed
to leave where we
in hopes of finally
arriving in some
we’d actually like
to be.


It’s short. It’s sweet. It’s Friday, folks. Hopefully you’re making it the end of your own war week and you’ve got some much needed leave time commin’ on this weekend. Round here we’re just getting some more writing scraped together for the next week’s rounds and doing a bit of upkeep on some personal writing. Also, if you take a look at the menu bar above, you’ll see that I added a poetry collaboration link as I’m looking to get started working with some of you. Figured I’ve been hanging around here long enough and lingering on posts so it’s time to get a chance to work with some of ya.  If you’re intrested, please feel free to check out the page here: COLLABORATIONS

Well, as always, I hope that your weekend is long, your drinks are cold, and Monday finds you roaring and ready to go. Have a drink for me tonight, folks, because we all deserve one after making it through another week!

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