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It's The Truth

It’s The Truth

This seems a bit applicable, don’t you think? At the moment I’m getting through the end of a quarter so you’ll have to bear with me while I make it through the end of it. Till then, feel free to posts links to poems below in the comments. I could use some good reading while mucking through my work.


Hanging On

picture of book page close up

Hanging On

Down and out
from being up
and down
still hanging on
but lacking solid

Ready to place
my bets on
any sure sort
of chance
all while finding out
that I’m only
as good as my


It’s short. It’s sweet. It’s Friday- and thank the entire universe for that! Well, we made it through another week, folks. Don’t know about yours, but mine’s been another interesting ride. Got that poem above there that sort of helped me feel out exactly how my head has been handling all this, and I’m sure that anyone who feels like they aren’t exactly on the most solid ground can relate. Kinda that point where you’re looking for anything that your feet won’t pass right on through to stand on.

Well, here’s to hoping that your weekend is long, your drinks are cold, and the world finds you ready to go another round!

Special thanks to mikhas for the awesome image today!

Finals Week

Hand reaching through paperwork

Finals Week

I’m gnawing paper
into bits
blowing ink bubbles
typing obscure phrases
just to fit
within a certain count

and my will is tapped
a well run dry
my mind’s a mess and
I contentiously
wonder why
I ever foolishly agreed
to pursue the ever
elusive degree


Hey there, folks. This crude little poem is one I whipped up last night when I realized I’d run out of time for working on any of my other poems I had planned. That being said, I’m down to the final two weeks of my semester, so my posts are going to be bit off. My apologizes, but ten page papers and tests that make up nearly half of my course grade await.

Hope you can pass this along to anyone else who has the end of semester stress, and I also hope that your day flies by and that you come home with something cold and on the rocks to look forwards to tonight.

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