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The Apocalypse Weekly

The Apocalypse Weekly

The Apocalypse Weekly

They’re out there now, groaning,
shuffling in streets,
in avenues in alley ways,
in cubbles, dragging feet.

Moaning, wailing, sighing
with their inhuman cries.
No matter who they once were,
they’re gone to you and I.

Sure, once all were different,
but now they’re all the same,
emotionless and harrowing,
seeking substance for
their veins.

And they’ll chew you up and
spit you out if you
dare act like you’re alive,
so hang your head, my dear friend,
and drop those shining eyes.

Because no good will come of laughing,
You smile and they’ll eat your face,
Two choices here await you, friend
so choose what you’ll embrace.

You can always continue fighting it,
cowering with fear in your eyes
or you can just give in to Mondays
and kiss your soul goodbye.


Happy Monday, guys.  Here’s to slowly gaining your soul back over the week only to have it ripped out all over again 😀

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