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Malevolent Monday

storm cloud over city

Malevolent Monday

Stumbling up that stairwell,
regretting the way that
‘going green’ makes you move,
creaking to the cubicle ,
and getting in’ta that
cruel sorta mood

Where you’re imagining Godzilla
out the winda’, reachin’ in and
snatching your boss straight up,
Bonds’ bazookas coming out of
your desk and exploding your
partner’s coffee cup,

Cobra Commander storming up the
stairs, waving his boys on in,
and Loki leaning on the water cooler
with that ‘you’re so screwed’ sort
of grin,

And there’s a thousand terrible scenarios
that you’d rather see unfold,
than deal with that endless wave of work
which no force of evil can

I don’t think I have to tell ya that it’s Monday, as I am sure you’re feeling it already. Above is just a crude little poem that plays to the inner geek in all of us, as I am sure you’ve had those mornings where you just wish something would come in and shake things up a little.

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed that lil’ ditty to start the week, and here’s to hoping that your Monday flies by quickly and that you don’t fell like you have to fear the rest of the week.

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